About me 

 My first 'piece of art' was made in Kindergarten! It looked like this: 

It found its way to my grandpa's Bible and it's still there, I think. 

When I was about 8 years old, I learned how to knit. Ten years later I knitted complicated sweaters for a craftshop in Emmen. 

I embellished clothes too, throughout my teenager years. Where there was a hole I saw possibilities. 

About that same time I was educated to be a teacher. Kindergarten, Primary school, and in some subjects  (music, religion and English) in middle school/ secundary school. I got married, I got divorced and went back to school. I got my BA in theology, worked several jobs: teaching Kindergarten, teaching music, courses for parents (how to raise your toddler, how to handle kids with asthma) courses for pastoral workers. 

By the time I was divorced I was back in arts: I 'used' singing and poetry to heal. It was there that I discovered how healing art can be. I published a little book: 'Kwetsbaar ben ik' (no longer available) 

I knitted furiously in that period, just to let my hands work. 

After a time of healing, I started a 'real job': teaching Dutch for newcomers to our country. I loved doing that!

Also, I met my current husband. We hit it off right away, and within the year I left my hometown Emmen and moved to Zeewolde. 

In Zeewolde we have this great store  https://www.hobby-timewebshop.nl

 In that store I learned how to quilt, and I was HOOKED. Rightaway. 

I followed technical classes, masterclasses and after a few years I found myself being more and more interested in artquilting. So I followed this two-year course of classes, Quilten Speciaal 14, where I developed myself in artquilting. 

I keep developing myself as a textile artist, and I hope I will do so untill my last day on earth!